The difference between marketing and advertising

Advertising and Marketing seems to be the same thing, and although they work together and hand-hand-hand, they are however two different things. There is often a confusion between advertising a product and doing marketing about a product. So what is the difference between advertising and marketing?

  1. Marketing

Marketing is a process to follow; it includes design, creation and research. Data is collected to best align the idea of the product. Each product is different and unique, therefore, the process to describe, create the packaging, design the appearance and obtain enough information and knowledge about a product is crucial and specific.

All aspects of the company and product has to be considered, such as the financial impact, the targeted audiences and the proper administration as these aspects are the growth or downfall of the company. Marketing helps to define the product in more detail.

How do you do marketing?

Marketing involves a lot of research and analysis of all aspects relating to the company and product. It involves in studying the audience’s responses to specific languages and even cultures; it also involves the audience’s response to designs and artwork and how colours affect them.

Marketing is more than just the product, it also involves the wording which is to be used and slogans are one of the best tools to use to best communicate the message of the product. In marketing, there are the four “P’s” that is often being refered to: Product, Place, Price, Promotion. Research about Product (as mentioned above) is important, the Place (where will be the best place to advertise the product be), the Price (is the product afforable for the targated audience) and then Promotion (will a promotion be necessary and how will the promotion impact the company, is a promotion worth it and/or feeceable).

Marketing is working on the background and not a big budget is necessary, but is very time consuming.

  • Advertising

Advertising is the literal process of making a product known. Just as marketing, advertising also involves some research, but in this case it is all about the description to be used to present the product to the public or targeted audience.

Advertising is all about an advertisement. The greatest means to advertise today is on social media, thus the creative positioning in the media is very important; which platform will be used. Advertisements must always be timely and used in a strategic way. Advertising only works when it is constant, not boring and when it meets the needs of the audience.

How do you do advertising?

Advertising is the physical endeavors (advert, radio ad, tv ad etc) to get the word out about the product. It is the method that is used that aligns with the customer wants and needs. The angle and content of the advert can only be established by asking the right questions and drawing attention to the product by using the immediate need of a customer, eg – If the customer is suffering with fatigue (and many people are), use that angle to advertise your product.

Not only is it important to use the right method and angle, but it is also very important to generate excitement for a product. If you are excited about a product, the customer will also be. If you have faith in your product, the customer will also have faith in the product. A boring and dull advert will not attract any attention, and remember – people attract people!

If you are passing a shop with an advertisement on the outside and there is a spelling mistake or it is written uneven or unneat, what would you think of that company? They are unprofessional and have people working there that are incompetent. The same applies for Wondernut advertisements. Accuracy (spelling and grammar) and professionalism is key when creating an advertisement – it is not only the name of the company that will suffer because of these mistakes, but also the agent.

Similarities between marketing and advertisng

Advertising Marketing
Component of marketing Preparing the product for advertising
Making the product known Knowing the product
Uses data from marketing Doing research – controlled process
Involves creative endeavors Involves consumer behaviour

Tips in creating a successful advertisement:

  1. Use the information provided
  2. Create your own advertisements according to the customer needs
  3. Use different media platforms to reach every age, group and race
  4. Choose an appropriate angle