Ordering process for all agents

Due to a high demand in orders, we have adjusted the ordering process, in order to accommodate everyone (not just the agents or clients ordering, but also the staff dealing with the orders). As in any other successful business, Wondernut also has procedures and protocols the staff needs to adhere to. It is thereby highly suggested, that all enquiries and complaints be submitted to the admin staff at Head Office, in order to provide the best and most effective response and solutions, if any problems should occur. For any ordering, delivery of general enquiries, contact Miena Mitchell or René Swanepoel and for any financial enquiry, contact Joey Pretorius.

The following procedure for ordering of products always needs to be adhered to. The staff at Head Office has strict orders to keep to the procedure and if any problems would arise, Joey must be contacted. This procedure is as follows:

  1. No other order except through Whatsapp, will be accepted.
  2. All orders should be in by 10:30am every day. Please ensure that all orders are correctly submitted as no changes to the order will be accepted.
  3. Delivery will be between three to four working days, via Aramax or The Courier Guy.
  4. Every account will be checked before despatching of orders. If any account is far in arrears, an order will not be processed until the account is paid.
  5. No orders will be despatched on Fridays.

If there should be any problems, all agents that placed orders will be notified. Please understand that we are also working with technology, and problems could occur. Please be considerate and to avoid possible problems, place an order on time.

Procedures in a company is very important in order to better the client service and delivery speed.