Marketing and Advertising

The most important fact to remember is that Wondernut is the name of our company, it is not a product. There is no such thing as a “Wondernut”. This is also how our products must be marketed and advertised – it is a product of Wondernut. This frase can also be used in your advertisements.

Advertising is key in getting the product out there, because the ultimate aim is to sell the product, not only one but all of them, and to make money. Making money with Wondernut (the company) is possible, if however, the advertising is correct and attractive.

There are a few principle keys about advertising that is important to remember when it comes to the Wondernut product. Keep in mind that there is no advertising skill or key that is set in stone – because of the change in technology, combined with the vast benefits of the product, advertising changes constantly, if not every day.

Advertising a product can have several challenges, and the marketing of it is not so easy either. When it comes to advertising, every single person has a creative idea or specific picture of how the advertisement must appear. The main problem with advertising is, the agent does not know the product, thus advertising can become boring and unattractive.

There is a solution – if the agent knows the benefits of each product, the advertising angle can be changed. Not one product has to be directed at a specific age-group only; it is also not wise to design an advert that is for the general public out there. To change the angle of the advertisement is to use the various benefits of a product and use that as your aim, ie. For Moringa one advert may be directed at people that suffers with low energy as a product that increases energy. Another Moringa advert may be directed at women whom needs to detox ect. Use all the benefits to target the audience you want to attrack.