Company background

Wondernut history:

In 2011, the current directors of Wondernut, received a packet of nuts and decided to try it for a while. After discovering the exceptional results within a week, they decided to start selling this product. They ordered the first 55 packets of nuts and started selling them amongst family, friends, and colleagues. The working wonder of this product quickly spread via word-of-mouth and they had to register this venture as a business. The name of the company was thought of in a brainstorm amongst the three directors whilst driving – one of them just mentioned the word “Wondernut” and it was decided upon immediately. At first the name was suggesting the nut, but it Wondernut was not registered as a product but as a business.

Around the year 2015, the product was so well known already, they had to order 600 packets. After this batch, the word Wondernut was on the lips of more people and within two months, 1600 packets were sold. From there on, the nut was ordered in their 1000’s and not 100’s anymore.

The nut was so popular that people who used it, wanted to give some to family and friends to use and from there agents were appointed to sell this product. Four years later and the business has grown from a 2-half day employee business to a 19 full time employee business, only at head office. Over these years’ agents all around the country and even the world, was appointed as part of the Wondernut team.

Wondernut Head Office:

As the business started, the office was situated in an office in the house of the directors. In October 2019 Wondernut Head Office relocated to their new premises in Sasolburg Free State. At the new premises, some changes and upgrades were done to give a more dedicated and prompter service to our customers and agents. All departments within the business are managed by trained individuals and the support system in every department is of high importance.

Head office is also proud to announce the opening of the Organic Health Clinic. The clinic is managed by a highly qualified Herbalist, who obtained degrees and qualifications in America and other countries. Dr Anette du Toit is a people’s person and only believes in the use of organic products. The clinic is operational since June 2020 and Dr Anette is available to consult with anyone.

Wondernut Head Office personnel:


Piet Botes

Maureen Botes

Hennie Botes

Nutritionist & Functional medicine practitioner:

Dr Anette du Toit

Admin staff:

Joey Pretorius (Office Manager, Finances, HR & Personal Assistant)

Miena Mitchell (Orders & Customer Service Administrator)

René Swanepoel (Orders & Customer Service Administrator)

Walter Swanepoel (Creative Designer, Legal requirements, Training Facilitator & Website administrator)

Store staff:

Wanda Chatterton

Sanna Tsolo

Minette Gerber

Rebekka Combrink

Wendy Vosloo

Trien Pretorius

Clean room staff:

Chris Kleingeld

Santjie Kleingeld

Maxwell Mavhunga

Thandi Tsolo

Supportive staff:

Andrew Mavhunga

Alinah Booi